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My “Out of the Box Thinking on the Daf” podcast on #dafyomi Berakhot 20a introduces a novel idea on מוחלפת השיטה.

R Yohanan has a recurring opinion in the Talmud: Whenever faced with a contradiction in opinions, he claims that the attribution is reversed in one of the sources #dafyomi Berakhot 17b. I think that the reason can be found on #dafyomi Berakhot 20a.

An amazing insight: The halachik status of human dignity is equal to the honor bestowed to kings. #dafyomi berakhot 19b

“They know but they don’t care”
דידעי ולא אכפת להו
Berakhot 19 #dafyomi

Why is Sleeping in a Cemetery a sign of an imbecile שוטה (Hagigah 3b) when it appears to be a source of great market tips (Berakhot 18 #dafyomi)? Clearly anyone who searches for advice from someone who has no skin in the game is deranged...

New Semester @yu. So happy to be here. We will be learning “Talmudic Perspectives in Context.” Sugyot on extension of life, crypto currencies, environmentalism, vegetarianism etc. Looking forward to a fun season.